Enrollment Procedures

Resources for Employers and HR Directors


You’re looking for ways to reduce your workload and maintain compliance. Rookis Agency specializes in making the job of HR directors easy! Service is more than a motto for us. We take the workload of providing employee benefits and make it easy of you.

Our enrollment process enhances employees’ understanding and appreciation of the value of benefits that an employer provides for the people who makes his organization successful.  This process also can help reduce questions and concerns about benefits by directing that employee to the representative they spoke to in the enrollment.

This is the core to everything the Rookis Agency represents, service.  It is the responsibility of our Agency to be competent and knowledgeable in every phase of the enrollment process in servicing that organization and their employees.

Enrollment of Benefits

  •     Turnkey communications and enrollment for the client’s benefits portfolio.
  •     One-to-one benefits counseling for the total benefit program.
    • Core and Voluntary
  •     Group meetings for a full overview of total benefit portfolio.
  •     Personal and Individual salary illustrations that outline employees’ selections.
  •     Benefit statements for a detail monetary value of their benefits.
  •     Election forms, which are turn in to the payroll administrator, alphabetically, for easy data input and employee records.

Web-based Services

  •     Easy Billing enables us to reconcile your statements with greater accuracy.
  •     E-Billing enables you to see you billing statement at will and will send you  updates when your statement is available
  •     Online Payment Service allows plan administrators to make any adjustment to the statement, name, address, policy cancellations and reinstatements.
  •     Human Resource Online Service a valuable site that includes important up to date HR policies and guidelines for administrators.